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Our commitments for

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Towards the planet

1 Made in France

« Manufactured in France »

  • Our biscuits* are made in France, in the city of Vertou (nearby Nantes).
  • Most ingredients of our beautiful recipes (including wheat) are of French origin.
  • More than 65 % of the resources required to produce our biscuits are French (manpower, packaging, ingredients, ...)

*Apart from six varieties (BN Sensation Shortbread biscuits, Bars, Stick, Cookies & BN Chocolate Breakfast and Cereals).

« 100% French wheat* »

We need two trucks of flour a day to produce our biscuits. Choosing for French wheat allows us to :
  • Get a high quality wheat meeting the highest French standards
  • Support the local economy (favouring sustainable farming and local products instead of suppliers from other countries).
  • Minimise long distance road trips between suppliers and the plant in order to reduce our environmental impact.

*Apart from six varieties (BN Sensation Shortbread biscuits, Bars, Stick, Cookies & BN Chocolate Breakfast and Cereals).

BN France

2 To preserve the

  • BN Natural
  • BN Without added
  • BN Free of
    hardened fat
BN céréales complètes

3 To select high standard

  • A rigorous selection of all our suppliers

    Our suppliers are selected according to very strict requirement specifications, in order to guarantee the best quality ingredients and the ethic code of our business partners.
  • Wholegrain cereals for our filled snacks

    A whole grain is a grain of any cereal containing the endosperm, the germ and the bran.
    Less refined, it is the closest that nature can offer. It provides the benefits of whole grain components while balancing their full structure.

1 Zero waste Policy

We recycle 100% of our wastes :
  • Food waste is recycled into animal nutrition.
  • Non-food waste such as boxes and pallets are getting a second live thanks to recycling.
  • Non-recyclable waste is converted into energy in waste-to-energy plants.
  • Biscuits packs with minor defaults, such as a broken BN, a damaged packaging, a missing biscuit, ...
Are sold to charity associations rather than discarded to the bin.
Eco Friendly


To optimise our packaging into an «eco-designed» packaging

At present, we are working to ensure that the production of our packaging requires as little natural resources as possible. Therefore, we decided to :
  • Optimise in 2009 the vertical BN pack. A greater compactness allowed us to transport more packs per truck, which saved us 97 road trips per year.
  • Use recycled and recyclable boxes for each cardboard packaging.
  • Become a partner of «Eco Emballages» (eco-packaging).

3 Water saving culture

To minimize our water consumption

Thanks to the deployment of best practices for the cleansing procedure of the plant and an optimal adjustment of some equipment, we managed to reduce our water consumption by more than + 10% between 2014 and 2016.


Pure water

To discharge pure water = set up of an industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant.

In 2010, we installed a wastewater treatment plant next to our factory in order to purify wastewater before discharging it into receiving waters. This facility processes the equivalent of a town of 11.500 inhabitants, which represent half of the city of Vertou!

5 Electricity savings

To reassess our energy consumption = -17% electricity consumed between 2014 and 2016

By adjusting the heating control in the plant (lowering temperatures during evenings and weekends) and by optimizing our ovens, we managed to reduce our electricity consumption by 17 % and our gas consumption by 15 % between 2014 and 2016 while increasing our productivity.

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